about annadesign

Anna Christian is a New York City–based graphic designer specializing in book design. She has designed numerous award-winning logo, book, magazine, and package designs and continues to integrate a variety of mediums including web and iPad design.

Anna began her career in 1991 at Workman Publishing before working at Emerson, Wajdowicz Studios which gave her the varied background that has proved influential throughout her career. Anna returned to the publishing world in 1999 when she was an art director at Fortune magazine and later Fortune Small Business magazine. She ventured back to her multi-disciplined work full-time, launching AnnaDesign in 2002. While she works on various projects, Anna's true love is book publishing. She has been focusing on producing beautiful, high-quality books for top publishing companies such as Abrams, Stewart, Tabori & Chang, and Sterling Publishing.

Anna is available as a freelance designer or as a consultant on book design. She organizes and analyzes information to help authors achieve their vision and relay information concisely. Anna has a team of collaborators she works with in the design community. Whether it's art direction, branding, interactive design, typesetting, or complete book packaging, Anna has the skills and energy to produce a meticulously thought-out, high-end product that results in successful sales and follow-up editions.